3 day lesson on Gallup StrengthFinder - learning about your individual strengths that make you, you. This is an emotional intelligence course that allows each person to understand their natural talents and how to apply them in the work place.

Cultural Intelligence

This workshop helps you understand that each person has their own unique culture and how to work in a cohesive manner.

Career Counseling

Learn how to create a strong attractive resume and how to prepare for an interview. Our goal is to guide you toward to right career path through conversations, personality assessments, strengths assessments, and simply having long conversations about what brings you joy.

College Counseling

With many years advising students to navigate their career goals through higher education. Many individuals do not know what questions to ask, what opportunities are out there, and who they can count on for solid advise. We take great pride directing young adults and working adults to strive for their personal success. Higher education can be life-changing and life-affirming, so please let's connect and go over the intricacies that is college.